The Link Home Loan was created by Trio, the nation’s leading home financing innovator for the last 20 years. Through Link, lenders now have a new homeownership tool providing access to home financing for those in the gap between renting and owning. Link offers both seller-provided home loans and convertible leases to consumers entering new careers, gig workers, business owners or those simply having a difficult time qualifying for a traditional home mortgage.

With a Link Home Loan, customers benefit from a fixed interest rate and financing for up to 40 years. Down payment assistance is available providing up to 100% financing. Monthly payments are fixed and based on the underlying terms of the FHA OwnOption Mortgage. A single monthly payment covers the principal, interest, taxes and required insurance.

A Link Home Loan includes HUD approved counseling and financial assistance should a customer face a short-term hardship. With Link's 40-year term, monthly payments are more affordable and secure.


Link Home Loans fill the gap for Americans seeking homeownership that would otherwise be locked out. Offered through Trio’s approved network of lenders, Link provides up to 100% financing to college graduates, first time home buyers, small business owners, gig workers, those with student loans, ITIN borrowers and multi-generational households.

If you don’t have the down payment or qualify for a traditional home mortgage but have the cash flow to make your payment, then a Link Home Loan is for you. Qualifying is simple with no limitations on household income and a minimum credit score of 580. Link qualification looks beyond credit score relying on your rental history and employment for most approvals.

Link Home Loan programs include a 40 year fully-amortizing home loan, a 20 year bridge loan and a 5-year convertible lease. All Link Home Loans are backed by assumable 30-year FHA OwnOption Mortgages.

Link provides participating lenders with uniform national underwriting guidelines and a solution for applicants that would otherwise be denied. Through Link, lenders can expand their offerings to help more households bridge into homeownership and save closings that would otherwise be denied.


Link Home Loans are only available through participating Trio-approved lenders and featured new construction home builders. Special pricing is also available on select move-in ready homes offered by Trio. Apply today and one of our participating lenders will contact you or if you have questions, contact a participating lender and let them know you want Link for your housing future.


Link Home Loans works with reputable lenders providing a path for prospective borrowers to achieve the American dream of owning a home. Link your future to today - contact your mortgage professional and ask about a Link loan or if you are ready, apply now.


The Interagency Home Finance Cooperative, Trio, Money Management International, and participating mortgage lenders, all have one combined goal-to increase affordable and sustainable homeownership opportunities. To accomplish this goal, they have partnered together to extend credit and create solutions for potential homeowners who typically find themselves in the gap between renting and homeownership.


If you are looking for a Link Loan with zero down payment required, view a list of available inventory homes here.

Applications are completed in Trio’s secure application system. After selecting a TrioReady home, click the link below, you will be redirected to the application on thinktrio.com.

If one of these homes won't work for you and you are prepared with down payment funds, apply for Link Loan or Convertible Lease through a participating mortgage lender here.

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