Thank you for financing your home with Link. During your journey you may need assistance with your monthly payment, home care, or find yourself in a short term bind needing advise.

Every Link financing includes counseling provided by one of our national HUD approved counseling agencies. Whether you have owned multiple homes or have been renting, our counseling program is designed to help. You can expect monthly emails, text messages and periodic phone sessions over your first 12 to 18 months.

We create solutions for potential homeowners who typically find themselves in the gap between renting and home ownership.


Should you face a hardship, a home payment protection contract is included in your financing and includes direct help for qualifying events like a job loss or reduction in income. There is a six month waiting period after your closing. Visit for more information.

See below for reminders and assistance with your monthly payment and home care.


If you are looking for a Link Loan with zero down payment required, view a list of available inventory homes here.

Applications are completed in Trio’s secure application system. After selecting a TrioReady home, click the link below, you will be redirected to the application on

If one of these homes won't work for you and you are prepared with down payment funds, apply for Link Loan or Convertible Lease through a participating mortgage lender here.

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