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Homeownership is a huge responsibility. Moving in and taking care of your home can feel overwhelming. All Link programs include a number of key features to help you stay ahead and avoid costly repairs. If you do have an issue, know you are not alone—Trio and its partners are here to help.

One of your first homeownership counseling calls will go over standard home maintenance and upkeep. Consult your home inspection results for key features and possible repairs that should be completed when you move in. Plus, each Link financed home includes a home warranty and hazard insurance should something go wrong.

Trio requires a home warranty is included in each closing and that this warranty is renewed by the customer each year. The detail of your warranty is included in your closing package from your real estate agent or loan officer. Each policy is slightly different and Trio’s service team will not be able to help you with the specifics of your warranty. However, most warranties are similar and cover major systems with a service fee ranging from $75 to $100.

Every home is covered by hazard insurance that typically covers major damage (flooding is typically not included). Trio’s team will assist with filing claims. Know that a pre-funded payment toward the repairs (called a deductible) is required before repairs begin. Deductibles generally range from $1,000 up to 2% of the home price.

If you are planning on making any home improvements we encourage you to reach out to the Trio Home Care team before you get started. Large renovations or improvement projects may require local permits.

Contact Trio Home Care:

Home care is coordinated through a system called Property Meld. This system tracks communications and coordinates between Trio, our customers and with third parties. Access Property Meld here:

Alternative contacts for existing customers:


Call 844-LIV-TRIO (844-548-8746)


If you are looking for a Link Loan with zero down payment required, view a list of available inventory homes here.

Applications are completed in Trio’s secure application system. After selecting a TrioReady home, click the link below, you will be redirected to the application on

If one of these homes won't work for you and you are prepared with down payment funds, apply for Link Loan or Convertible Lease through a participating mortgage lender here.

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